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Recent credits include:



Steph and Dom's One Star to Five Star, makeover show produced by Blink Films for Channel 4, Southport episode directed by Ben Hewish.

River Monsters : Ice Cold Killer, produced by Icon for Animal Planet and directed by George Pagliero.

Game of Clones, slightly unusual dating show. Produced by Youngest Media for E4, directed by Jamie Wiggins.

Body Fixers, highly controversial spin-off of Tattoo Fixers, produced by Studio Lambert for E4 and directed by Marcus Liversedge and Roman Green.

Mygrations, survival show with 20 contributors following the path of the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, an October Films production for Nat Geo. Produced by Ian Dray and Doug McCallie.

Pirate Treasure Of The Knights Templar, 4 part series for Nat Geo, produced by Ian Dray and Sam Brown and directed by Tom Cross and Joe Keenan

Tattoo Fixers, produced by Studio Lambert for Channel 4 and directed by Oli Tridgell

Gogglebox, award winning fixed rig show produced by Studio Lambert for Channel 4 (Various directors)

Survive The Tribe, 4 of a 6 part survival series shot in some of the most remote tribal communities in the world. Produced by Icon Films for Nat Geo, directed by George Pagliero, Adrian MacFarlane, Stephen Shearman and Alex Parkinson.

Border Rico, 6 part observational documentary filming with the US Customs & Border Protection in Peurto Rico,  produced by Arrow Media for the Travel Channel and directed by Eion O’shea

Goldrush: South America, "Guyanese Gold", reality show filmed in the remote Guyanan jungle, produced by Raw TV for Discovery Channel. All the challenges of the Yukon shoot with added heat and malaria

XD Football Academy, Children’s sports reality show, produced by IMG Media for  Disney XD Sweden and directed by James Reilly

The Sea King: Britain's Flying Past, John Sargeant’s tribute to the helicopter, produced by Archie Media for BBC2 and directed by Eoin O’shea

Goldrush, Reality show filmed in the Yukon in Canada, produced by Raw TV for Discovery Channel. Piles of dirt, piles of diggers and with up to 10 radiomic channels to mix on the fly a truly challenging job for sound!

Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare, renovation on a grand scale, made by Renegade for Channel 4, produced by Kurt Seywald and directed by Kim Maddever

-- Seeing Stars
, looking at a new generation of super-telescopes, including the highest in the world 5500m
above sea level in the Atacama desert in Chile. Directed by Ben Lawrie
-- Out of Control?, an examination of the human brain. Directed by Ben Lawrie
-- Fracking: The New Energy Rush, a balanced look at this controversial but fascinating process. Directed by Jeff Wilkinson
-- The Truth About Meteors, special in the wake of the Russian meteorite in February 2013. Directed by Olly Bootle

The Imposter, Multi award winning feature length documentary about the extraordinary life of Frederic Bourdin, produced by Raw TV and directed by Bart Layton

Nelson's Navy : Back From the Dead, Forensic History documentary produced by October for Channel 4, directed by Jeremy Turner

Secrets of the Pop Song, (episode 2 of 3) with Guy Chambers and Mark Ronson, produced by Renegade for BBC2 and directed by Linda Brusaco

Jamie's Fish Suppers, back stories for the cooking series produced by Fresh One for Channel 4 and directed by Luke Menges.

The Story of Science, "What is Out There?", BBC2, first in series presented by Michael Mosley and directed by Jeremy Turner.

Crimes That Shook The World II, two episodes, Dennis Nilsen and The Yorkshire Ripper, produced by IWC Media for Discovery and directed by Jeremy Turner.

What Really Happened, two three part celebrity series made by ITN Factual for Channel Four, produced by Zoe Zarkos and directed and presented by Jaques Peretti.

Election, 10 part reality show, a group of children vie to establish who would make the best politician. Made by Diverse for the BBC, directed by Richard Nash and Tina Gortmans. (2009 BAFTA winner best childrens entertainment show).

Planet Mechanics, Series of 8 programmes combining engineering and the environment. Produced by Renegade TV for National Geographic, directed by Helen Williamson, Matt Ainsworth, Caius Julyan, Charles Clare & Tim Walker.

Fearless Planet, "Hawaii" and "Sahara", two of five one-hours for Discovery, produced by Impossible Pictures, directed by Shrik Narayanan.

Animal Farm, Scientist Olivia Judson and food critic Giles Coren take a journey of discovery through the strange new world of GM and the tangle of ethical and moral issues that surrounds it. Produced by Lion TV for Channel 4 and directed by Jeremy Turner.

Kings Of Construction 2 "South Ferry" & "Jet Blue Terminal", 2 of 6 one-hours for Discovery Networks, produced by Wag TV and directed by Paul O'Connor.

Death By Excess "Hollywood Goddesses" & "Elvis", 2 of a 5-part series exploring the science of how famous people kill themselves, "...these are chemical biographies that tell human stories from the inside out..." Produced by Oxford Scientific Films for Sky One, and directed by Jeremy Turner.

Final Chance To Save "Tapirs", wildlife programme filmed in Costa Rica with Vic Reeves, produced by Tiger Aspect for Sky One and directed by Amelia Hahn.

World Weddings "The Second Wife", BBC2, documenting a polygamous marriage in a remote part of Kurdistan. Shot and directed by Nick Read.

Jamie's School Dinners Part 4 of a 4-part series, produced by Fresh 1 for Channel 4, directed by Dominique Walker and Guy Gilbert.

Extraordinary Families3 part series produced by Granada for Channel 4, produced and directed by Jane Treays.

A Dream Home Abroad Italy, home improvement series produced by RDF for Channel 5, shot and directed by Alex Dunlop.

Light Fantastic BBC Science, presenter-led documentary series on light, directed by Jeremy Turner.

Journeys From The Centre Of The Earth BBC Science, 2 of a 6 part series on how the geology of the Mediterranean shaped the development of civilisation. Produced by Paul Olding and Nikki Melluish.

Superhomes "London" produced by Flashback TV for BBC2, directed by Sarah Feltes.

Dangerous Passions BBC Science, produced by Denise Seneviratne & Bucy Mcdonald.

Sex Empires, part 2 of a 3 part history of top-shelf magazines for BBC2, produced & directed by Nick Bray.

Lock Up Your Sons An exploration of the phenomenon of backyard wrestling, produced by Firecracker films for Channel 4 and directed by Ben Channon.

Family Xchange, reality show, an LWT production for BBC1, programme 1 produced by Juliet Dwek & directed by Helen Cooke.

The Importance of Being Famous, 3 programmes examining our obsession with celebrity, produced by Granada for Channel 4 and directed by Dollan Cannell.

Days That Shook The World "The Death of Hitler" BBC2 historical reconstruction, directed by Richard Bond.

Tabloid Tales Jade Goody & Peter Mandelson, 2 of 6 programmes examining the symbiotic relationship between celebrities and the media, produced by Brighter Pictures for BBC1 and directed by Ian Riddick.

"Operatunity", high brow version of popstars, made by Diverse for Channel 4 and directed by Michael Waldman. (Winner of the 2004 BAFTA for best sound)

"Giant Monsters", presenter-led CGI wildlife program made by Wall to Wall for Discovery Channel, produced by Andrea Florence and directed by Jon Stephens.

Royal Deaths and Disease, historical series looking at the down side of being King, made by Lion Television for Channel 4, "Royal Childbirth" directed by Kate Bartlett and "Decadence" directed by Srik Narayanan.

Unsolved Murders "The Cutt Mill Murder", historical whodunnit made by Fulcrum TV for Discovery, produced and directed by James Bates.

"Sir Paul Nurse - Profile", profile of the Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, produced and directed by Andrew Cohen for BBC Science and shown on BBC4.

Film4 "Ewan McGregor Career Retrospective", interview produced by Emma MacGregor and directed by Brett Foraker.

Film4 "Terry Gilliam Masterclass", interview produced by Emma MacGregor and directed by Simon Rattigan (16mm).

"Buildings of the Future", architectural series, produced by Uden Associates for Channel 5 and directed by Jim Sayer.(3 of 6)

"American Vampires", offbeat lifestyle documentary produced by XYTV for Channel 4 and directed by Mark Soldinger. Represented Channel 4 at the Hot Doc Canadian Film Festival, 2001

"Under the Influence", an examination of the effects of drugs on the brain, produced by Fulcrum TV for Channel 4 and directed by James Bates.

"The State of Britain", political documentary series produced by Blakeway for BBC2, film inserts directed by Sally Lindsay (16mm).

Secret History "The Duchess And The Headless Man", produced by 3BM and directed by Charles Bruce.

"The Chemical Generation", a look at the effect of ecstasy on club culture, produced by Optomen for Channel 4 and directed by Mark Soldinger. (Nominated for an RTS award)

"Crash" three part series about the Southall rail disaster, produced by Blakeway for BBC2 and directed by Sally Lindsay.

Behind The Crime "Thieves", produced by Historic Films for Channel 4 and directed by Paddy Wivell and Antony Wonke.

The Turner Prize 1999, profile of the finalists produced by Illuminations for Channel 4 and directed by Ian MacMillan.

Omnibus "Blondie" (BBC1), produced and directed by Julian Birkett.

"Why Buildings Collapse", documentary series on building failure, Channel 4/Discovery Channel co-production, produced by Darlow Smithson & directed by Amir Amirani.

First Edition "Prisoners Wives", documentary for Channel 4, produced by ZKK and directed by Carolyn Magson.

Close Up "Leibeskind", BBC2 Arts strand, directed by Mary Downes.

"The House" documentary series on the Royal Opera House, produced by Double Exposure for the BBC and directed by Michael Waldman (16mm).



Cartoon Network Comedy Campaign "The Amazing World Of Gumball" produced by Victoria Bramwell and directed by Doug Murchie.

Sky Creative "Cycling" & "Fantasy Football" commercials, produced by Claire Hodgkinson at BSKYB and directed by Rob Ryan and John Grint. "Testimonial" commercials, produced by Helen Power at Wordley Productions and directed by Steve Judge (5D).

Robert Oatley Vineyards "Wild Oats" commercial, produced by Amy Appleton at Believe and directed by Les Sharp (Red).

Film Four "Rebels" commercials, produced by Jamie Davis at Film Four and directed by Will Clark (16mm).

Quaker Oats "Bursting Man" & "Popping Teenager" commercials, produced by 1st Independent Creative & Marketing for Quaker Oats Ltd, produced and directed by Chris Mugford and Peter Vincent (16mm).

Big Brother 5 promos, produced by Emma MacGregor at Channel 4 Creative Services and directed by Tim Kirkby and Richard Butterworth.

Astral Hand Creme "Joanna Lumley" commercial, produced by Ben Grover at First Call Productions for Bray Leino Filleigh and directed by David Smith (35mm).

Chelsea Building Society "Basement" commercial, produced by Branded Films for WWAV Rapp Collins, and directed by David Smith (35mm).

Procter & Gamble Daz/Emmerdale idents, produced by Jane Gershfield at Big Bang for Leo Burnett Ltd, and directed by Peter Truckel (35mm).

British Gas "Electricity Lite" commercial, produced by Aviator for WWAV Rapp Collins and directed by David Smith (16mm).

Kraft Milka "Boaster" commercial, produced by Branded Film for Young and Rubicam (Vienna) and directed by David Smith (35mm).

BBC Corporate Services "Northern Ireland " commercial, produced by Edel Ericksen and directed by Syd Macartney (16mm).

Chelsea Building Society "Neighbours" commercial, produced by Branded Films for WWAV Rapp Collins, and directed by David Smith (16mm).

Utterly Butterly "Same Old Routine" & "Perfect Technique" commercials, produced by Concrete Films for DMB&B and directed by Barney Cokeliss (35mm).

"Gardening Which?" commercial, produced by Branded Film for WWAV Rapp Collins and directed by David Smith.

Umbro commercial, produced by Talkback Commercials for DMB&B, directed by Nick Hastings and David Godfrey (Digibeta, recorded on Nagra D).



“Dixi”, children’s drama series, produced by Kindle Entertainment for CBBC and directed by Dan Berlinka.

"Come On Eileen", low budget feature, written, produced and directed by Finola Geraghty, 
premiering at the 22nd Galway Film Fleadh. "The Christening", short funded by the Irish Film Board, produced by Rachel Lysaght at Underground Films and directed by Oonagh Kearney. "More Afraid Of You", short film with Anna Chancellor and Phyllida Law, produced by Jeremy Barnes at Thomas Thomas and directed by Barry Kimber. Premiering at the 53rd London Film Festival.

"Luminal", feature film, produced by Dreyco Productions and directed by Andrea Vecchiato, UK release Oct 2004 (Shot on HD).

"Spaced2" comedy series for Channel 4, produced by Parmount and LWT and directed by Edgar Wright.

"Madame Sex" offbeat drama in traditional British sex comedy style, produced by Zimon Drake and directed by Sarah Bisset (16mm).

"Poshboy", Dogma TV series for Channel 4, produced by Ideal World and directed by Finola Geraghty (DV).

"Tunnel of Love" short film produced by Portobello Films and directed by Robert Milton Wallace (16mm).

"Dream Team" soap opera produced by Hewland for Sky One (various directors).

"Smile" short film produced by Nick Wolfe for The Arts Council and directed by Sarah Sarre (16mm).

"The Milkman", short film produced by Stampede for Anglia TV and directed by Iain MacEwan (16mm).


Promos & Virals

Pleyel Peugeot “Design Lab Piano Launch” with Ella Henderson, produced and directed by Steve Ellis for Peugeot UK (Hear it here)

Popcap “Peggle 2” – Online trailer produced by Isi Gruenewald at Ichi and directed by Stephen Pipe

Trion “Defiance” VBI viral produced by Isi Gruenewald at Ichi and directed by Joe Tunmer 

Sky Boxing: “THIS IS IT DeGale vs Groves fight” Promo, produced by Victoria Bramwell at Sky Creative Agency  and directed by Wesley Forbes & Stuart Burley

DiRT3 “Gymkhana Uncovered” promo, produced by Monica Domanska at Maverick Media and directed by Benn Wyldeck

Jagex “Stellar Dawn” viral produced by Monica Domanska at Maverick Media and directed by Michael Woodward & Max Barron 

The Wanted “Live & Lost” Promo, produced by Arran Igoe at Pulse Films and directed by Ben Newman

Sega  “Total War: Shogun 2” promo, produced by Chris Cartwright at Maverick Media and directed by Geoff Court


Corporate & Non-Broadcast

Shakespeare’s London Theatres, series of short educational films, produced by Illuminations for DMU and the V&A and directed by James Wallace.

Debenhams "Trend" DVD, produced and directed by Craig Castell at Rocket Communications

Rolex Mentors and Protégés Arts Initiative, produced by The Proudfoot Company, directed by Jeremy Lewellyn-Jones

BA “Service in Seconds”, produced by Daniel Warwick at M and directed by Ben Warwick

Lloyds TSB "Setting Our Sights", produced by Orchard Communications and directed by Michael Osborne.

Unison corporate, produced by Flick Films and directed by David Vaughan-Thomas.

Labour Party "Operation Turnout" corporate, produced by Flick Films and directed by Perry Miller.

NSPCC "Just Stop" mailshot, produced by WWAV Rapp Collins.

Shelter (housing charity) mailshot, produced by WWAV Rapp Collins.